Move More Inventory with Data Craigslist Posts

LotVantage high-performing posts drive leads into Connect CRM

LotVantage’s solution prioritizes your inventory and updates your postings and prices in real time, making every listing count.  VinSolutions Connect CRM flexibly manages your sales processes, making every connection count.  Streamlines sales with both. 

  • Free Up Time
    Your sales team should be selling inventory, not posting. Set your budget and schedule and watch the leads just roll in. 

  • Providing Intelligent Posting Strategies
    We use posting intelligence to ensure the best use of budget. With over 4,000 active dealers, we use Craigslist lead data to know what posts generate the highest ROI.  

  • Unique Vehicle Call Tracking
    Record incoming calls. We track leads down to the specific make, model, price and market location.  

  • Easily Measure ROI
    Keep track of ROI with monthly reports and analytics of the success of your posting campaigns 

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