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Process Complexity

Too many overdue tasks doesn’t necessarily mean you have too many underperformers on staff. It most often means your processes are too complex. Overdue tasks don’t just make sales reps look bad to management; they make the whole dealership look bad to customers. Every undone task makes a negative impact on a potential buyer.

Why is this happening?

Change is hard. Streamlining processes in a CRM can take time, effort and often a lot of waiting around for your CRM provider to help implement updates.

Start by getting smart about what you ask your team to do. Are the tasks leading them logically and efficiently toward more closed deals? If not, you’re essentially encouraging your team to cherry-pick what they do and don’t stay on top of.

Clear and realistic processes help your dealership hit the most important metrics:

  • Scheduled appointments
  • Confirmed appointments
  • Completed appointments
  • Sales during appointments

These red flags could be a sign that it’s time to revise your CRM processes:

  • A lot of incomplete tasks. Your CRM process may be too complicated for staff to manage.
  • All tasks are always completed. Your CRM process may not accurately mirror all the steps needed to make a sale.

How can VinSolutions help?

VinSolutions’ Connect CRM allows you to adjust your processes for your dealership whenever you need to. You can customize tasks and give your customers their preferred shopping experience, while driving efficiency in your dealership.

Plus, Connect CRM comes with a dedicated Performance Manager: an automotive expert who proactively works with you to ensure your processes meet your unique needs.


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