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Missing Key Integrations

It’s much harder to find new opportunities if you have to search several different platforms to get a complete picture of your customer. Not to mention, any extra time looking for information or manually updating customer records in the CRM just adds time to your customer’s visit — which never makes them happy.

Why is this happening?

These days, most dealerships require several software systems just to stay in business. While that helps cover all the bases, it can also require extra time and effort to get all the information needed to close a deal. Every customer interaction with any part of your dealership leaves a data trail. Ideally you want all that data synced and accessible in the CRM.

Many dealership software platforms integrate with others to provide a more streamlined experience for your employees and customers. Ask your vendors what integrations they support. Even if your platforms can’t all speak to each other, integrating even a few will make it that much easier to mine data for new opportunities.

How can VinSolutions help?

VinSolutions’ Connect CRM has exclusive integrations with fellow Cox Automotive solutions, such as and vAuto, giving you powerful insights that help you streamline workflows, save time, identify sales opportunities and create a better customer experience.


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