Common Sign-In Frequently Asked Questions:

Cox Automotive is always committed to making your products work better together, so we have designed a multi-step plan to streamline your sign-in experience. The first step in this process is rolling out the Common Sign-In screen across all your Cox Automotive solutions as we continue to evolve and deliver further benefits in the future. 

A: This change to a common sign-in experience is the very first step of rolling out Cox Automotive Bridge – a single sign-in experience for all Cox Automotive products. There will be further benefits as Bridge continues to evolve over the next year. 

A: As part of this phase, you will use the same username and password you do today. Please note that your saved username and password will not automatically populate in the new Common Sign-In page the first time, so please make sure to note your current username and password before the update.

After providing your username and password on the new screens, you will be directed to your Cox Automotive application, and everything will work the same way it does today.

If your username and password does not automatically populate after signing in, your dealership may be using a commercial password keeper, such as LastPass. Please consult with your dealership’s technology manager for support.

A: Yes, this same common sign-in experience will be applied 

A: No, users will be created and managed the same way they are today.

A: As a benefit of this update, Bridge ID users will no longer need to click on a special link. You will enter your username on the new sign-in page, and, behind the scenes, we will determine if you are a Bridge ID user. 

A: Yes. Bookmarks for any old sign-in pages will redirect to the new web address, but we recommend saving the new URL for future sign-ins. 


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