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Process Success

Sometimes things just click between you and your CRM. You know what you want it to do for your dealership, and it delivers. Based on your assessment results, it looks like you’ve come a long way in your CRM mastery.

What does this mean?

You’ve set up the processes that help your dealership run efficiently. Plus, you understand how software integration makes it easy to mine your data for new opportunities. To get to the next level, consider a deeper dive into your overall CRM strategy.

Why it's time for VinSolutions

When you’ve mastered the art of the CRM, from setup to tuneup, you’re doing everything you can to drive top performance from this important software investment. However, today’s environment is fiercely competitive, and top-performing dealers are advancing beyond basic CRM mastery to get ahead.

VinSolutions’ Connect CRM is a great solution for dealers looking for a deeper dive into their strategy. Every dealership we work with gets a dedicated Performance Manager: a retail automotive expert who proactively works with your team to determine where and how to evolve your processes, find more opportunities, work smarter and faster, and make more money.

VinSolutions’ Connect CRM has exclusive integrations with fellow Cox Automotive solutions, such as and vAuto, giving you powerful insights that help you streamline workflows, save time, identify sales opportunities and create a better customer experience.


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