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Process Breakdown

In an ideal world, your people complete their tasks on time, every time. In reality … things happen. Your CRM has to fire the next task even if the prior task is overdue. Otherwise, it negatively impacts your productivity — which negatively impacts your customers.

Why is this happening?

Many dealers don’t know what processes are set up in their CRM. And your people will trust the prompts they get from the product. If you don’t have the right tasks set up — in the right order — you’re not setting your people up for success. To keep your team working efficiently and deliver the best possible customer experience:

  1. Set up CRM processes to best serve the customer, not your dealership.
  2. Include tasks relevant to your employees’ workflow.
  3. Explain the purpose and reasons for tasks, and their order, to your team.
  4. Revise your processes regularly to meet customers’ evolving needs.

Successful CRM users understand that spending time implementing good processes is worth the effort. Try it and you’ll see improvements in efficiency, CRM utilization, and — most importantly — profitability!

How can VinSolutions help?

VinSolutions’ Connect CRM helps in two key ways: hands-on process guidance and automatic task firing.

Every Connect CRM customer gets a dedicated Performance Manager — an expert with retail automotive experience who helps you strategically align your needs with the software’s functionality. Once you start working, the CRM automatically triggers every successive task, even if the previous one was not completed. This way nothing is missed and every customer gets a follow-up.


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