When CRM Simplicity and Customization Come Together

The Corwin Automotive Group in Fargo, North Dakota, trains salespeople to succeed by giving them tools and technology to simplify sales tasks and help them grow along with the dealership. As part of this focus, Corwin Automotive Group uses VinSolutions Connect CRM for its simplicity, customization capabilities, and ongoing support from their Performance Manager.  


Connect CRM makes it easy for new Corwin sales reps to get started on tasks from day one. The CRM’s intuitive interface allows new hires to familiarize themselves with the technology and start following up with leads with minimal guidance. Managers can also keep a close eye on how each salesperson is performing—and provide guidance and efficiencies where needed— thanks to convenient reporting features and dashboards. 

“It’s just so easy for our salespeople to get all the correct information and make sure they don’t miss anybody,” said Jessie Holland, a trainer and recruiter for Corwin Automotive Group. “It’s just so simple for salespeople to know exactly how they should follow up, whether they’ve been here two days on the floor or they’ve been here 20 years.” 


Consumer needs are always changing, so it’s important for Corwin sales reps to meet them where they are during the car buying process. An adaptable CRM technology that accommodates these consumer needs and provides the tools for sales reps to succeed in meeting these needs is crucial.  

Connect CRM gives the auto group the freedom to reinvent their own processes and adapt to customer needs while keeping the simple, intuitive nature of the technology. In fact, Corwin has customized its CRM processes for personalizing communications, inputting information, and following up with consumers. These customizations have brought an already easy-to-use CRM even more in line with their internal practices.  

Performance Manager  

Even with the easy-to-use automotive dealer CRM, Corwin Automotive Group relies on their Performance Manager to proactively support them by helping address challenges, leverage new features and further customize within the platform. “Our Performance Manager is just amazing,” Jessie said. “Anything we need, he’ll literally block out an hour and walk me through something and show me how to do it, so I can do things on my own. We have discovered so much more of what Connect CRM is capable of. We’ve really started to learn how to use it and change it so it suits us.”  

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