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The Value of Outsourcing Your Dealership’s Marketing

As a dealer, your job is to sell cars. But it’s also your job to bring customers in the door. And sometimes the marketing efforts needed to get customers in the door can take time and focus away from growing your business and improving profits.  

Marketing and selling cars go hand in hand. But outsourcing some of your dealership’s marketing to professional design and marketing specialists allows you to focus your attention on what you do best—selling cars and building your business. 

Saving resources 

Outsourcing your marketing efforts can help you allocate your resources where they’re needed. When you and your employees aren’t spread thin, you can save money and time by doing your assigned tasks and then reassigning workers where they’ll make the most difference. But outsourcing these services can also help you in a less tangible, but equally important way—your brand. Dedicated marketing and design specialists can help you present a professional look to your customers and colleagues. Think about it. If your network goes down, you can quickly restore it with managed IT services. Likewise, you can partner with marketing professionals to help you appeal to your customers. Anyone interacting with your business will pick up on this polish and see your organization as professional and competent. 

Dedicated specialists 

Every employee brings a little more to their work than what’s in their job description. You might have a receptionist who is also tech savvy and can perform basic tech assistance. You might be able to reconcile finances at the end of the month in addition to managing a sales staff. But while this is helpful for basic functions, marketing is a complicated and nuanced field that deals directly with your customers. How many people on your dealership staff have the necessary skills and creative background required to pull off a professional, engaging marketing campaign on their own? And do those people also know how to keep all your marketing in compliance with regulatory guidelines? Sometimes it’s best to rely on the experts to bring in more business. This leads to significant savings and increased productivity over time. 


VinSolutions TargetPro+ allows you to partner with a team of marketing professionals, including graphic artists and a dedicated digital marketing specialist. This type of proactive marketing partnership can help you cut expenses and improve your overall marketing efforts. Plus, working with experienced marketing professionals helps your dealership avoid mistakes, such as sending emails too frequently and annoying customers with messages that don’t apply to them. 

It’s tempting to do everything for your dealership in house, but outsourcing your marketing to a trusted service provider can save costs and improve your customers’ perception of your dealership. These specialists can help you take full advantage of your data to give your customers a better, more personalized car buying experience and let you focus on the reason you went into car sales in the first place—to sell cars. 

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Mo Zahabi

Senior Director, Product Consulting

Mo Zahabi is the Senior Director of Product Consulting at VinSolutions and Dealertrack, where he educates dealers on best practices and ensures their offerings exceed industry expectations. Mo has applied his strong foundation in technology-based applications to the automotive industry for the last 18 years. Prior to joining VinSolutions in 2008, Mo was a respected Internet Director and eCommerce Director for two different automotive groups.

Connect with Mo Zahabi on Linkedin or shoot them a note.

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