Here’s What You Missed at the Dealer User Summit

If you missed the Dealer User Summit 2021, no worries! You can still catch all the recorded sessions from the event. To give you a little sneak peek, check out a few highlights and overviews from the sessions below. You can also watch all the VinSolutions presentations to learn the secrets of selling in a digital world using the technologies you already have.  

Improve Your Customer Experience and Cashflow by Holding Your Team Accountable 

What’s the accountability culture at your dealership? Is accountability a scary word, or a driver of performance and improvement? By evaluating and incentivizing the performance of your management team, you can better serve your customers and build your business more effectively. In this session, Clint Carr, Senior Performance Consultant at VinSolutions, will show you how top-performing dealerships utilize VinSolutions to track, manage, and improve business performance. You’ll also discover how to use accountability to inspire confidence, improve collaboration, and increase cashflow. 

Uncovering Out-of-Sight Opportunities: How to sell more cars to customers you didn’t know existed 

Your dealership is probably doing a great job of immediately connecting with internet leads, following up with phone-ups, and closing walk-ins. But did you know that there are many more deal opportunities hiding in plain site within your CRM data? In this session, Bryan Dahms, Senior Performance Manager at VinSolutions, will show you how to uncover those hidden opportunities using unsold and lost leads, the service drive, and previously sold customers. You’ll discover replicable process, an intentional approach, and a set of tactics so effective that you’ll be selling more leads in no time. 

Remodeling Your CRM: Upgrade your processes, clean your data, and build customer communications that sell cars 

Does it feel like your auto dealer CRM is slowly dying, infected with dirty data and outdated processes? Does it feel like it might be easier to switch systems, putting your old CRM out of its misery instead of cleaning up your data? At some point, it might be tempting to start over with an entirely new CRM than to put in the work of organizing your data. In this session, Jesse Gray, Performance Manager at VinSolutions, will teach you a set of simple steps for making your CRM cleaner—and more useful—right now. You’ll see how processes like fuzzy matching can get rid of dirty data and identify potential duplicate customers on the way to updated processes. 

Pick and choose the Dealer User Summit sessions that will best help your dealership, or watch them all at your convenience, as they become available. We’ll save your seat, and when you’re ready, our experts will show you how to use your tools to harness the power of your salespeople (and hold them accountable) to uncover hidden sales and to achieve your dealership’s fullest profit potential.