Give Car-Buying Control to Your Customers 

Gathering and organizing the details of a deal can be a major pain point of the customer buying experience. Customers do not want to sit and wait while multiple dealership departments input (and sometimes re-input) their information into a computer. Today’s customers want a connected car-buying experience—one that allows them to pick up every deal right where they left off and keeps track of changes and make updates in real-time. 

To ensure that you give your customers a connected car buying experience—one that they can start and continue from anywhere—here’s a summary of best practices and a few practical technology tips to steer you and your customers’ path to purchase in the right direction.  

Best Practices  

  • Offer a hybrid customer experience to combine digital retailing with the traditional sales experience. 
  • Give customers the freedom and tools to complete as many steps of the car buying process online as they’re comfortable with. 
  • Facilitate remote document review, remote negotiations, digital contracting, e-signing, and other relevant remote buying tools.  
  • Ensure your dealership’s various technology platforms freely share information back and forth. 

Technology Tips 

  • Give customers a centralized view of all information contained in the deal with VinSolutions automotive desking software, Connect Desking. 
  • Let buyers decide which steps they want to complete online versus in-person, including price negotiation, finance application, and even digital contracting and signing, with Accelerate My Deal. 
  • Ensure continuity between online deals and in-store interactions with the robust integration between VinSolutions auto dealer CRM, Connect CRM, and Accelerate My Deal. 

By giving your customers more control over the car buying process, you can give them the kind of experience they expect—one that ensures continuity between their online deals and in-store interactions.  

To learn more about how you can personalize car buying for your customers and the benefits of a connected buying experience, check out our free ebook, Sealing the Deal: The New Rules of Engagement. 

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