Explore New Superpowers at NADA 2019

How are you going to reach your 2019 goals? Whether you’re hoping to increase sales, improve profit margins or be more productive across the board, if you’re like many dealers I speak with, you may feel like you’re already doing all you can do. And if you have underperforming tools, that may be true.  

It’s time to explore some new superpowers.  

If you have the wrong tools, your team might not be performing to its fullest potential. Whether you’re already a VinSolutions Connect CRM user or you’re in the market for a new CRM, VinSolutions’ new tools could be the superpowers your dealership needs to deliver what your customers are looking for.  

The team has been working hard this year to develop new tools to improve your dealership’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. We’ve come up with some great new solutions, and they will all be on display and available to demo at NADA 2019. We’ll be sharing more details on all of our new products in the coming weeks, but here’s a quick preview:  

  • Connect Texting: Share the photos and videos your customers are asking for via text message.   
  • Enterprise capabilities: Get a full view of activity and gain efficiencies across all your stores with data sharing across rooftops. 
  • Enhanced customer offers: Provide customers with more personalized offers based on more accurate equity data and improved segmentation. 
  • COMING SOON – A brand new product: Stay tuned for a big announcement in January…    


Planning to attend NADA this year? Sign up now for your VinSolutions demo! We look forward to showing you how VinSolutions Connect CRM can help you save the day.