The Tools You Need to Support Your Business

As we re-think the customer experience in today’s environment, we understand that you need to watch your expenses and maximize your investment in your existing software solutions. As the industry-leading CRM provider and your partner in success, our goal is to help you do just that, and bring a world-class experience to every one of your dealership customers. We stand by our promise to help you make every connection count.  


Take Advantage of These Solutions  

VinSolutions wants you to continue delivering a world-class customer experience. How? We’ve made the following software solutions available to you to immediately. Reach out to your VinSolutions Performance Manager for help getting started.  


Flick Fusion Integration 

In today’s increasingly virtual world, car buyers utilize new and innovative technology to aid them when shopping for a vehicle. To communicate effectively with customers, you need the ability to readily share ad hoc or previously recorded videos. From sending a live walkaround of the vehicle to a quick “face-to-face” video greeting, it’s a new way for you to personalize the virtual shopping experience. With Flick Fusion, you get access to a high-quality video marketing platform where you can effortlessly share video with shoppers in real-time via text or email.    

  • Engage your customers quickly with new model and inventory videos from a pre-loaded library  
  • Analyze performance of videos delivered via email or MMS with Flick Fusion’s robust reporting, linked directly in Connect CRM  
  • Drive accountability through reporting and integrated behavior and activity tracking in the customer records  
  • Deliver a robust user experience with dealer-branded landing pages for your videos and related videos  


Connect Automotive Intelligence  

Your digital presence is now your primary storefront, so you need tools that can give you better visibility into your customers’ online shopping behaviors. Connect Automotive Intelligence can help you identify active customers as they shop online, giving you actionable insights to reach out proactively and provide a personalized experience as you help them through their buying journey.  

  • Buying Signals – Connect Automotive Intelligence aggregates and analyzes data from your CRM and across the Cox Automotive brands to connect the dots for a full view of your customer.  
  • Sentiment Analysis – With limited personal interaction, you need a tool to understand what customers are saying and how they’re saying it. Sentiment Analysis uses artificial intelligence to identify trends in customer messages to find coaching opportunities.  


Digital Retailing  

Customers should be encouraged to start and work car deals online through a digital retailing solution to minimize face-to-face interaction. Import the full deal structures that customers start online directly into your Connect Desking tool to quickly and efficiently work with them in real-time where they left off. As customers adjust to social distancing, they’re more likely to connect through phone calls and video chat. This can help you expedite the deal-making process, and limit the time spent inside the dealership while still delivering the personalized experience that customers expect in this new shopping environment.  


The Numbers 

  • 86% of dealers agree digital retailing solutions give them a competitive advantage now  
  • 33% have noticed an increase in consumers completing more steps of the process online  
  • 50% are extremely likely to move more car shopping steps online in the next few months  
  • 55% of car shoppers are less likely to visit the dealership  

Source: 2020 Cox Automotive COVID-19 Consumer Impact Study  


Connect Desking  

Make every deal count. Use Connect Desking to streamline the buying process with customized deal structures, which allows you to deliver your proposals quickly via email and offer the digital experience consumers are looking for during this volatile time. Rates and Residuals leverages the power of Dealertrack data in your Connect Desking tool to ensure you have access to lenders’ most aggressive rates and programs allowing you to find the best deal structures to fit customers’ needs.  


Create a Connected Experience During Social Distancing  

As customers spend more time at home, they’ll spend more time shopping for vehicles online – and customers will continue to expect this personalized virtual shopping experience in the future. Set yourself up for success by using these tools in VinSolutions Connect CRM to transition your dealership into the virtual shopping landscape.


Cox Automotive Assistance Program

For the months of April and May 2020, Cox Automotive Retail Solutions will provide a 50% discount on our Retail Solutions Dealer Subscription Product fees that include VinSolutions.