This customer is 15x more likely to buy.

But without Connect Automotive Intelligence, you’d never know.

Boost leads and accelerate the path to purchase with actionable insights from aggregated Cox Automotive customer data, delivered by Connect Automotive Intelligence.

Consumers classified as “ready to buy” by Connect Automotive Intelligence were more than 15 times more likely to make a purchase within 30 days than consumers with inconclusive Buying Signals.*

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More Likely to Buy

*VinSolutions Connect Automotive Intelligence Data predictions for 30 days prior to purchase in August 2020–February 2021 

Find better leads – and more of them

Buying Signals aggregates customers’ online browsing data and alerts you when they are showing signs they are ready to buy – before they submit a lead.  

Prioritize lead follow-up

Engagement Strength identifies the customers who are most engaged with your sales staff to help prioritize daily tasks and follow-ups 

Accelerate the path to purchase

Customer Intelligence delivers customer insights from thousands of third-party data sources, enabling you to makrelevant recommendations that lead customers to right car sooner. 

Save deals from going sour​

Sentiment Analysis provides real-time feedback on how customers are feeling about their interactions with your dealership, so managers can step in at the right place and the right time.   

Transform your data into a lead source

Generate leads from your data—without any manual mining. Connect Automotive Intelligence automates lead creation and sales process assignment for customers who are actively shopping, ready to buy, or both. 

"Connect Automotive Intelligence has helped us zero in on relevant customer conversations and go from selling 400 units a month to almost 600 units a month."

Andy Guelcher, General Manager, Mohawk Honda

From Performance Management

Stay Ahead of Your Competition with Connect Automotive Intelligence

In this on-demand webinar, Senior Performance Manager Mario Scampoli explains how you can use Connect CRM with Connect Automotive Intelligence to make the most of every customer interaction.  

Watch now to learn how Connect Automotive Intelligence aggregates data to deliver valuable insights about your customers, including when they are most likely to take your call, the prices range they are considering, and even when previous customers are back in the market.  

Your Partners in Successful Implementation and Goal-Reaching Utilization

Just as your VinSolutions Performance Manager supports your dealership on all things Connect CRM, they will be by your side as you implement and utilize Connect Automotive Intelligence. Your Performance Manager will work closely with your team, the VinSolutions Implementation Team, and the VinSolutions Training team to ensure you set yourself up for success with Connect Automotive Intelligence from the start.   

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