• Service

    With VinConnect, you can profit more from your service department, by identifying and promoting unsold service to specific customers

  • Market Pricing

    Now you can price to move and still make a profit. Because it’s tied directly to the CRM, the Pricing tool can help you price more precisely based on customer demand as well as competitive data.

  • Inventory Management

    With detailed customer insight delivered directly from the CRM, our Inventory Management tool helps you create compelling listings that capture attention and drive more traffic to your showroom.

  • Desking

    Our newly enhanced VinConnect Desking tool helps you customize your sales processes to deliver and optimal experience for customers that’s still fast, efficient and profitable for you.

  • Websites

    VinSolutions provides dealership websites that increase traffic, track and respond to customer behavior, and deliver the online experience your customers really want.

  • CRM

    This is the central component VinConnect. The CRM monitors all activity in your dealership — from your sales force to your customer base, on the showroom floor and online —  and distributes it dealership-wide, so you can identify more sales opportunities and close more deals.

  • Marketing

    Get the right message to the right person at the right time, with a marketing tool that draws specific customer activity from the CRM and creates and automates custom outreach and offers.