• Merchandising

    With the VinSolutions Inventory Management software, promoting your inventory becomes easy and automatic. Use the powerful VIN decoder to create rich vehicle descriptions for your online listings, and easily add images and video footage with the built-in VinCamera and VinVideo. A daily feed updates all your online listings — from your website to your Internet classifieds, like eBay Motors, YouTube and Craiglist. And additional materials, like window stickers and compelling brochures, are automatically generated for you.
  • Integrated Rebate Data

    With seamless integration with AIS, you can automatically include available rebates and incentives in your listings, to make your prices more attractive than your competitors’.
  • CRM Integration

    No other dealership Inventory Management software is built into a CRM platform. All of your merchandising and pricing reflects up-to-the-minute customer activity and preferences, directly from your customer records, so you can keep your inventory and listings aligned with customer demand.
  • DMS Integration

    Our software polls your DMS nightly for new and pre-owned inventory changes, process them and update your listings automatically, so your customers always see exactly what you have available as soon as possible.
  • Mobile

    Access the VinSolutions system from anywhere, on any
    mobile device.