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Experience a Customized, Flexible CRM Solution | VinSolutions
GExperience a Customized, Flexible CRM Solution | VinSolutions

Experience the Efficiency that Comes with a Customized, Flexible Solution

Is your CRM doing everything you want it to do? All CRMs are not created equally. Some leave your scheduled tasks broken after a process change, costing your dealership leads, time and money. Some force your salespeople to stay stuck behind screens manually responding to leads.

Leave behind broken processes and broken promises, and start using VinSolutions Connect CRM’s flexible, change-as-needed processes and automation to make your dealership thrive:

    • Flexible Processes: Say goodbye to adapting your business to the CRM. With VinSolutions, Connect CRM adapts to your business – however you need to, whenever you need to, without breaking existing tasks and leads. We even pair you up with a designated expert, a Performance Manager, to partner with you for the best processes for your dealership.
    • Customized Automation: Keep your salespeople on the floor longer with customizable email templates and auto-emails for simple tasks, with the option to customize automated email responses based on lead type.
    • Service Lane Integration: Connect CRM integrates with other Cox Automotive solutions, including service scheduler Xtime to give you a valuable view of the full ownership life cycle and deeper insights about your customers through their service activity and history.
    • No Contract: When you sign on with Connect CRM, you aren’t locked into a contract because we believe in our products. We believe in working hard to win your business every month.

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